Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services

Information for Referring Veterinarians

We Refer Veterinarians Here at Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services

If a pet is presented to the emergency service and requires immediate stabilization, the client is asked to sign a consent form for treatment. After initial stabilization is performed, the emergency doctor discusses the diagnostic and treatment options with the client, as well as the costs associated with treatment.

If the pet is assessed to be stable at initial triage, there may be a wait before the pet is seen. The policy at BSVES is to see patients in order of arrival, unless a patient’s condition requires immediate attention. We make every effort to keep the client’s wait to a minimum. After an initial consultation, the client will be presented with diagnostic and treatment options and the costs of care will be discussed (see Payment Policy). We offer CareCredit to clients who need it, but unfortunately do not have any additional sources of funding for clients in need.

If you are referring a patient to the emergency service and have done some diagnostics at your clinic, please fax the medical record or send copies with the client, as well as any diagnostic test results and radiographs. Radiographs will be returned to you promptly.

If one of your patients is seen by the emergency service, you will receive a fax of the initial medical record entry, including history, physical exam findings, and initial treatment plan. If you would prefer that the patient be transferred to your clinic for further care, please feel free to call and speak with the doctor on the case. We also encourage you to call at any time during the patient’s hospitalization if you are interested in being updated on the patient’s condition or would like to be involved in treatment decisions. Upon discharge of the patient, you will receive a fax of the complete medical record, including discharge instructions and follow-up recommendations.

At BSVES, we are always working to improve our services. We appreciate any feedback that you can provide regarding experiences you or your clients have had with our emergency services.

Did You Know?

BSVES offers most of the internal medicine and surgical capabilities that are available at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. Consultations with the internist or surgeons are available by appointment. Endoscopic evaluations and biopsies are performed at BSVES, as are most soft tissue and orthopedic surgical procedures. Patients that require CT scan or MRI may be transferred to OSVS, but most patients can be managed in-house.

If you are interested in seeing the facility at BSVES or learning more about the services we provide, we welcome you to come take a tour. We are also happy to provide in-house CE for your staff. Call to speak with our hospital manager.