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Specialty Veterinary Services

Specialty Veterinary Services For New England Pets

Our specialists see patients at BSVES by appointment and referral only. These specialists are only here for limited appointment hours, but more flexible appointment options and a wider assortment of specialists are available through our sister hospital, Ocean State Veterinary Specialists.

Using information provided by the referring veterinarian, as well as advanced equipment not available to many general practitioners, BSVES specialists provide the highest level of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to our patients.

Communication with the family veterinarian occurs regularly to ensure that the pet and owner receive the most thorough and compassionate care possible and to allow for the continued long-term follow-up from a collaborating team of veterinarians.

How To Build A Board Certified Veterinary Specialist
  • Internal medicine—The internist at BSVES evaluates and treats a wide variety of internal medicine conditions, including gastrointestinal diseases, hormonal conditions, disorders of blood cells, respiratory conditions, and more.
    • Endoscopy—Use of an endoscope provides a minimally invasive means of examining the upper gastrointestinal tract, colon, trachea, bronchi, nose, nasal cavity, urinary, and reproductive tracts of pets.
  • Surgery—Our board-certified surgeons are available by appointment to address soft tissue and orthopedic surgical needs.
Specialty Veterinary Services For New England Pets

What Is a Board-Certified Veterinary Specialist?

Board-certified veterinary specialists not only complete undergraduate training and four years of veterinary school, but also they complete three to five years of residency and internship in their field of specialization. To achieve board-certification status, the specialist must pass a rigorous certifying examination and publish an original article in a peer-reviewed veterinary journal.

When Should a Veterinary Specialist be Seen?

Your pet may be recommended to a specialist if he or she:

Specialty Veterinary Services For New England Pets
  • Is not progressing through treatment as expected or is not responding to treatment.
  • Has a disease that routine testing does not easily diagnose.
  • Has a disease that is complicated in nature or uncommon.
  • Would benefit from monitoring and care 24 hours per day.
  • Has a condition requiring advanced diagnostics available only in a specialty hospital.

If you feel the specialty services of BSVES would benefit your pet, please speak to your family veterinarian about a referral.